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Master Fic List

Morgainedeshone on Deviantart
Sunlight Through Leaves on FF.net
Click on each fandom for a full list of fics!
Note: I joined LJ after having posted a good number of stories elsewhere and have not had a chance to load them all here. Most of the links below will take you to the stories on ff.net. Hopefully, I will get this sorted eventually!

Naruto - KakairuCollapse )Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - KurofaiCollapse )xxxHolicCollapse )BBC SherlockCollapse )Pandora HeartsCollapse )
SupernaturalCollapse )

[SPN] Through and Through

Title: Through and Through
Summary: Dean really never knew when to let go, hence the angel feathers burned into his skin.
Warnings: Character death BUT we all know how good Cas is at actually staying dead (that is to say, not at all), and I don't do sad stuff, so everyone's alive by the end.
AN: Oops? So, you know how everyone's been talking about Cas dying in Dean's arms and leaving the angelic feather scorch marks on Dean's arms? This is my headcanon for that, and before I started writing it, I was so thrilled to see this artwork by Villianousstrawberry, because this is exactly how I pictured it right down to the placement of the center point of the wings. Thanks to kiterie for betaing.

Dean knew he was shouting, curses and angry denials spilling from between clenched teeth, but all he could think of was getting close enough to catch Cas' collapsing form. He slid his arms under Cas' and tried to haul him backwards away from the danger, but the weight and the shock dragged him to the ground. The hilt of the angel blade that still stuck out at an awkward angle from Castiel's chest was slick with blood, but he clawed at it and only barely gained enough purchase to yank it out. He cast it into the corner, hissing more curses after it.
Through and ThroughCollapse )
That's right - I've finally ditched the long, ridiculousness that I've had for the last forever! Enjoy the new one; I know I will. Now if I can make myself a fitting avatar, I'll be set.
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[FIC] In Every Thread

Title: In Every Thread
Pairing: Kurofai
Rating: T
Summary: At first, Kurogane figures that Fai is being being more handsy that usual for the sake of being an annoying twit.
AN: For the absolutely lovely Cloverfield. Happy Birthday, dear! Thank you so much for all of the kind words; it's been a delight to get a chance to know you!

As most significant things do...Collapse )


Summary: Something as simple as a play-on-words can provide the best description.
Pairing: Implied Destiel
Rating: T (for language)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
AN: Yes, this is in fact what CAS stands for. I put the two together and realized it was just perfect. Also, I apologize that this isn't an update to any of the other things I should be working on. Beta'd by the lovely kiterie.

Surrounded, pinned down, and altogether screwed. What a way to start the day. Sam dove behind the nearest stack of crates and scrambled across the floor to slam up against the wall next to Dean.
Read on!Collapse )

I Should Have Kissed You

Summary: After being begged and bribed, Kakashi and Iruka take one night off from their friendship to try a real-honest-to-god date. Neither of them expect it to be anything but a disaster.
Pairing: Kakairu
Rating: T
AN: Oh my word, this has been the most stressful 6 or 7 months I’ve ever had and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been working on LM2 and a couple of other pieces if I get a chance, but this idea popped into my head, and it felt good to write a quick one-shot. It’s crap and it’s inspired by country music, forgive me.  Thanks so much to kiterie for betaing!

Read more...Collapse )

Sealed - For Kiterie's Birthday

BBC Sherlock
Summary: When experiments go badly.
Pairing: SherlockJohn
Rating: T

AN: Written for kiterie's birthday. Happy Birthday, hun! You're absolutely fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you don't mind a silly Sherlock ficlet as a present. *hug*

Sealed...Collapse )

Garter Snake

Summary: Drabble with Crowley, Aziraphale and lingerie.
Good Omens
Rating: T
AN: Another one to blame on sejitsu! I can even blame her for the title (which still makes me laugh). Ehm, it doesn't do the original idea or your sketches justice but here ya go.

Garter SnakeCollapse )

Blessed Fabric

Good Omens
Summary: In which Aziraphale shares the glories of tartan.
Rating: K
AN: sejitsu, you and your sleep deprived randomness will be the death of me. To anyone else who stumbles on this, I beg your forgiveness for playing in the Good Omens sandbox. I'm not worthy, and this bit of drabble is possibly one of the worst things I've ever written.

Blessed FabricCollapse )

Woof (For Rutheatsu's Birthday)

Title: Woof
Summary: Bonding to the ninken had some unexpected side effects.
Pairing: Kakairu
Rating: T
AN: For rutheatsu's birthday.  She has such lovely and emotional art, and I just couldn't resist writing something for her. This was inspired by the fluffy dog!Kakashi piece (of the same title) that she drew several months ago. Happy birthday, Atsu! Hope it's wonderful!

WoofCollapse )